CAE Europe
    CleanAir is dedicated to "making the world a better place in which to breathe". We do this by engineering exceptional products and services for industrial air quality
    management. Since 1972 CleanAir has been helping the most responsible companies quantify and reduce their air emissions. CleanAir has offices located in Illinois,
    Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Provence.
    Since the founding in 1972 CleanAir has worked to build an organization known for excellence. We focus on safety, integrity, quality and creating amazing client value in all our
    Our Services
    • Stack Testing  - Testing Emissions from Stacks
    • Instrument Rental  - Equipment for Hire Shipped Today
    • Calibration Standards  - Certified Speciality Cal Gases
    • Instrument Calibration  - COFRAC Certified Laboratory
    • Equipment Performance  - Power Generation Equipment
    • Instrument Maintenance  -  Repair and Annual Contracts
    • Cooling Tower Studies  - Heat Rejection and Drift Testing
    • Engineering & Consulting  - Compliance with Knowledge
    • Mercury Emissions Research  - We Understand Mercury
    • Resistivity Analysis & Testing - Particle Characterization
    Our Products
    • For Stack Testing  - Equipment That Does Not Quit
    • Isokinetic Sampling  - Professional Grade
    • Continuous Emission Monitoring  - Probes and Lines
    • Continuous Gas Flow Monitors  - Rugged and Dependable
    • Automated Mercury Monitors  - Co-located Sorbent Traps for
    Emission Data to Crow About  Our Philosophy

    At CleanAir we understand that environmental responsibilities greatly influence the profitability of most companies. The result of an emission inventory or air testing project are
    frequently used in making corporate decisions such as capital equipment expenditures, process changes and plant modifications. We do not believe in taking
    Our Personnel
    CleanAir looks for companies and people that are interested in making a significant improvement in the quality of life on earth for all.   We employ engineers and scientists
    who are eager to create and support rapid change, who have a infectious positive attitude and are willing to work smart and very hard while constantly looking to improve our
    products and services.